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John Sommese on CoxReps

Operating throughout the United States, CoxReps functions as a sales and marketing firm for media outlets. Focused on selling advertising to television stations, it accepts digital publishers, advertising agencies, and network affiliates as clients. CoxReps recently expanded into cross-platform advertising with the introduction of Cox Digital Solutions and Cox Cross Media.

CoxReps was founded in 2009 when Cox Media Group merged its three subsidiaries that handled regional television sales into one national organization. Covering more than 350 stations that account for more than 90 percent of all households in the United States, this firm also maintains affiliations with thousands of local and national websites. Obtaining more than $3 billion annually in billing, its staff holds extensive experience in sales, research, and programming. The company understands the importance of local engagement programs and offers scheduling guidance and targeted marketing based on audience behavior. Additionally, CoxReps employs specialists in paid programming and political advertising.

About the Author: A hardworking, results-oriented professional, John Sommese has provided his services to CoxReps and its predecessors since 1998. Currently a Vice President and General Sales Manager, Sommese oversees sales for CoxReps’ largest station group.


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Study Links Positive Attitudes to Improved Business Performance

By John Sommese

In a study co-written by Richard B. Freeman, one of America’s most important labor economists, researchers analyzed the influence of positive thinking on employee performance throughout a company. Commonly, business leaders encourage their workers and managerial peers to adopt a positive attitude with the belief that such attitudes promote success. With his study, Mr. Freeman subjected that belief to scientific examination.

The paper, published by the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics and Political Science, analyzed surveys filled out by thousands of workers in the banking sector. This analysis found that certain banking branches fared better or fared worse depending on the attitudes of their employees. Branches exhibiting poor attitudes experienced more turnover, worse sales, and stagnant growth compared to branches staffed by those with a more positive outlook. In fact, these “poor attitude branches” were even more likely to close completely when compared to the bank branches the employed workers with a positive attitude.

Anyone interest in reading the paper in its entirety can download it at

About the Author
John J Sommese currently serves TeleRep, Inc. as the company’s Vice President and General Sales Manager. His responsibilities include overseeing performance reviews for 150 Account Executives and Sales Managers throughout the United States.

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John Sommese Discusses Important Factors in Strong Business Relationships

Though common sense dictates that businesspeople must forge long lasting relationships with their customers to increase brand integrity and to sustain revenue, relationships between a business and other businesses like vendors, partners, and even competitors receives less attention. However, this business-to-business connection proves almost as essential to marketplace success as the customer connection.

Besides communication, a factor correctly ranked as the bedrock of enduring relationships, honesty is also listed as one of the top factors in linking one business to another. A businessperson should clearly express what he or she knows and does not know so that vendors and partners can plan accordingly, or even provide advice.

In fact, a businessperson should listen more than he or she speaks to encourage partners to express themselves, which leads to greater understanding between organizations. Do not let that understanding become out of date. Make it a priority to regularly touch base with business contacts through social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. A businessperson should never let partners forget how much her or she values their services.

About the Author:
As Vice President and General Sales Manager with TeleRep, Inc., John J. Sommese holds years of experience promoting strong business relationships in the television industry.

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A Brief History of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey By John J. Sommese

A constituent of the Presbyterian Church (USA), the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, formed in 1962, when a petition was presented to the Presbytery of Morris and Orange with 152 signatures. Reverend Chester M. Davis received the title of the church’s pastor, and a ballot determined the church’s name.

On September 16, Berkeley Heights’ Westminster Presbyterian Church held its first worship service. A nearby school served as the location of the service due to the church’s lack of a proper facility. In 1963, the church held services in the Hamilton Terrace School, and Reverend Robert B. Sheldon took over the position as the pastor, a role he would fulfill for 24 years.

In 1965, construction of the Westminster Presbyterian Church current facility began, and in 1966, the church held its formal dedication. The church has served the residents of Berkeley Heights ever since. In addition, the church opened its Westminster Nursery School in 1971.

About the Author: A national media sales executive, John J. Sommese is proud to list the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, among his charitable contributions.

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