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John Sommese Discusses Important Factors in Strong Business Relationships

Though common sense dictates that businesspeople must forge long lasting relationships with their customers to increase brand integrity and to sustain revenue, relationships between a business and other businesses like vendors, partners, and even competitors receives less attention. However, this business-to-business connection proves almost as essential to marketplace success as the customer connection.

Besides communication, a factor correctly ranked as the bedrock of enduring relationships, honesty is also listed as one of the top factors in linking one business to another. A businessperson should clearly express what he or she knows and does not know so that vendors and partners can plan accordingly, or even provide advice.

In fact, a businessperson should listen more than he or she speaks to encourage partners to express themselves, which leads to greater understanding between organizations. Do not let that understanding become out of date. Make it a priority to regularly touch base with business contacts through social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. A businessperson should never let partners forget how much her or she values their services.

About the Author:
As Vice President and General Sales Manager with TeleRep, Inc., John J. Sommese holds years of experience promoting strong business relationships in the television industry.


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