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Study Links Positive Attitudes to Improved Business Performance

By John Sommese

In a study co-written by Richard B. Freeman, one of America’s most important labor economists, researchers analyzed the influence of positive thinking on employee performance throughout a company. Commonly, business leaders encourage their workers and managerial peers to adopt a positive attitude with the belief that such attitudes promote success. With his study, Mr. Freeman subjected that belief to scientific examination.

The paper, published by the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics and Political Science, analyzed surveys filled out by thousands of workers in the banking sector. This analysis found that certain banking branches fared better or fared worse depending on the attitudes of their employees. Branches exhibiting poor attitudes experienced more turnover, worse sales, and stagnant growth compared to branches staffed by those with a more positive outlook. In fact, these “poor attitude branches” were even more likely to close completely when compared to the bank branches the employed workers with a positive attitude.

Anyone interest in reading the paper in its entirety can download it at eprints.lse.ac.uk/19953.

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John J Sommese currently serves TeleRep, Inc. as the company’s Vice President and General Sales Manager. His responsibilities include overseeing performance reviews for 150 Account Executives and Sales Managers throughout the United States.


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